Freddy Shabaka

For Immediate Release


Wan Yai

“A message for Sierra Leone”





The latest single “Wan Yai” by Sierra Leonean artist Freddy Shabaka, will be released on February 9th 2018. “Wan Yai” (One Eye) strikes at the heart of the political debate around the upcoming elections in Sierra Leone. The song is a message to Africans to vote for the good of all; not for party, not for tribe, not for personal interest, but for country, for our nation, Sierra Leone. If “Wan Yai” doesn’t win listeners over with the words, it will do it with the music.


Industry insiders have described Shabaka’s music as poignant, heartfelt, stirring, and expressive. The Washington Post said, “If West African born singer/songwriter Freddy Shabaka doesn’t win listeners over with his words, the odds are good he’ll do it with his music…Shabaka knows how to make his point effectively on several levels as a singer, songwriter and arranger”.


The single was recorded at Lion and Fox Studios in College Park Maryland and performed live with musicians from all over Africa including; co-producer and guitarist Henry Tanash from the Cameroon, on drums, Donald Bossadi from Cote D’Ivoire, percussionists include Jabali Afrika from Kenya, Kweku from Ghana, and Osman “Tolo” Thomas from Sierra Leone. “Wan Yai” will be available on most digital outlets including iTunes and Spotify and the video can be viewed on YouTube.


About the Artist

Freddy Shabaka was born Frederick Cole, in Freetown Sierra Leone. He has been playing music since he was 10 years old when he formed his first band, The Black Sparrows in Njala. He later formed the band Fusion at Fourah Bay College before leaving Sierra Leone for Nigeria and then London where he did his first recording. In 1989, Shabaka produced the debut album “Free” in the U.S. “Free” spawned two number one hits in Sierra Leone- “Dem Nor Wan Dance” and “Goombay Jamming.” Shabaka’s other releases include “A Chapter of Roots” in 2004 and “The Black Loyalist” in 2008 which charted on college radio in the U.S.


For further information, please contact fcole@shabakasounds.com and visit www.shabakasounds.com